News March 2018

As a result of the two Membership Seminars held in February 2018 the Guild now has seventy members who are based across the UK and Ireland.

I recently received the following from BRC: “The role of the BRC auditor is to ensure that the site has appropriate controls/tests in place for product safety, legality, integrity and quality. As such during the audit the site will need to demonstrate to the auditor: what processes/controls/tests are in place, demonstrate that these are appropriate for the type of products – this may, for example, be based on legal requirements, known hazards or customer requirements, show evidence that the staff undertaking the activities have been suitably trained.”
At every seminar the Guild uses a taste kit with “Indicative levels for taste recognition as recommended by BS 5929 Part 7:1992. ISO 3972: 1991”. The members’ results for this can be used as proof of training and therefore assist with compliance to BRC v7, sections 5.6, 5.6.1, and

Being fully aware of their taste acuity gives graders, tasters, cheese educators and commentators a far greater degree of authority, confidence and competence when discussing cheese flavours, therefore the use of this BS/ISO kit should be implemented across the industry as “Best Practice”.

Also very important with the use of this kit are recognising bitter-blindness and helping to clarify the difference between bitterness and acidity as many people confuse these flavours.

The Global Food & Dairy Awards awarded the Guild its accreditation last July and has itself recently been accredited by the Society of Dairy Technology. These links serve to support and validate the Guild’s methods and credentials, and are additional positive steps in consolidating the Guild’s position within the industry. The STD logo now features on the certificate Guild members receive from the GF&DA.

The next Membership Seminars are scheduled for 16th & 17th May 2018 in Oswestry, and 21st & 22nd May in London. Please contact me for detailed information.

The Guild will have a stand at the International Cheese Awards at Nantwich on 24th & 25th July. You are very welcome to visit us.

Members of either the Society of Dairy Technology or the Speciality Cheese Makers Association qualify for a 5% reduction in seminar fees.

A small selection of the feedback I’ve received includes:

“You champion and promote sensory so well”

“You’ve changed the way I understand how I taste. Thank you.”

“Your work on this Guild has undoubtedly far reaching positive consequences in education, commonality and community for our industry. Your commitment to providing a grounding and forum for our job is without parallel.”

“I really enjoyed the course and will beat the drum for you.”

“Well done Bruce, I have just finished judging the American World Cheese awards and fly back tonight. Not possible without your Guild. Many thanks”

“Congratulations to you Bruce! This is a valuable tool in creating knowledgeable contacts across the industry and it’s great that’s it is successful and growing.”