Accredited members list

Accredited Members of The Guild of Cheese Graders come from a very wide variety of backgrounds and experience and not only cheese grading. They work in technical, buying, cheese making, warehousing, dairy ingredient sales, deli management, event management and one is a sommelier at a Michelin starred restaurant.


Lara Auger
Tony Ball
Martin Barber
Rob Bookham
Craig Brayshaw
Jake Britten
Jonathan Broomfield
Jessica Catterall
Darren Christian
Mike Clarke
Richard Cloughton
Margaret Cronin
Kate Cummings
John Daly
Martin Del-Bo
Jennifer Docherty
Chris Edwards
Richard Elmitt
Katie Exton
Frank Faulkner
Anthony Fitzgerald
Andy Ford
Rob Ford
Adrian Fowler
Tony Gale
Céline Haestier
Christina Hibberd
Yvonne Hogan-Smith
Alex Home
Edward Horgan
Chandra Iyer
Bridie Jones
Stephen Keeley
Ross Kelly
Michael Kenneally
Mandy Kitchingman
Kay Legge
Catherine Macdonald
Viki Maciver
Findlay Macleod
David McCluskey
Caroline Miller
Martin Mills
James Millward
Lisa Moore
Karen Neal
Damien Neeson
Michael O’Dwyer
Rocky Page
Ned Palmer
Sabrina Pearson
Sandra Peirce
Holly Pennington-Hare
Mike Pinches
Mark Poyzer
Robert Rigby
Mark Roberts
Dean Sams
Tim Sayers
Sean Slater
Joshua Smith
Tim Sparkes
Mike Spicer
Nigel Sykes
John Tapp
Katie Tasker
Tee-Jay Thomas
Malgorzata Urbanowicz
Nic Walker
Steve Walton