“Why wasn’t this started 40 years ago?”


“Long overdue!”

“I think it is a huge step in the right direction for the cheese industry”

“A Guild needed to introduce and maintain quality cheese grading decisions!”

“Thank you your experience and enthusiasm”

“Thank you for a most enjoyable and entertaining two days. I certainly came away with more cheese information than I arrived with and I have been in the Dairy Industry for over 35 years.”

 “A formal recognition of graders abilities has been long overdue in our industry”

“I have always thought that having some form of official recognition would benefit everyone working in this industry”

“Sharing knowledge and experience in a very relaxed and convivial atmosphere”

“Certainly helped me to understand my taste-buds!”

“Has improved my knowledge of how I taste”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course”

“Learned plenty”

“Would recommend to any other person with a keen interest in cheese”

“Has opened my eyes to a whole new world of cheese that I had never looked at before”

“Very enjoyable and informative two days.”